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All students (majors, minors, and non-majors) taking FOR-CREDIT private music lessons are required to perform a Jury at the end of each semester of study, unless excused by their applied instructor. Music majors and minors are excused from Juries at the end of a semester in which they have performed a recital. Juries are held the day after the last day of the semester classes (Saturday). Juries for Music majors are 10 minutes each; non-majors/minors, five minutes each. The Jury schedule is posted on the bulletin board near the Music Office (Booker 120) during the last week of classes and e-mailed to all Music faculty. Each adjudicating student is required to complete a Student Repertoire Record form to bring to their Jury. 

Students studying an instrument for NON-CREDIT are not expected to perform a Jury, unless required by their instructor. 

Expanded Jury - At the end of four (4) semesters of applied music study on their primary instrument, Music majors are required to perform an Expanded Jury for the purpose of assessment. During this Jury, students are expected to perform 20 minutes of recital-quality material, presenting a varied program to demonstrate their progress to date. The student provides a list (10 copies) of the works to be performed, including complete information for the repertoire, composers and their dates.