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Music Technology Lab

The Music Technology Lab at the University of Richmond features ten independent music workstations and a separate project studio for student and faculty use.

Each station features a quad-core Mac Pro with 4 GB RAM, Fatar Studio 900 MIDI keyboard controller, a sixteen channel Mackie mixer, a Rane headphone amplifier and a Kurzweill K2500. All stations are connected to a central patchbay and speaker system as well as to a projector. Additional equipment includes a Yamaha Disklavier, scanner, MalletKat and Trapkat MIDI percussion controllers and assorted rack-mounted sound modules.

The Project Studio, a high-quality audio production facility, is attached to the Music Technology Lab. The studio contains the following hardware:

  • Two Tascam DA-88 digital 8-track recorders with remote controls
  • Digidesign ProTools Digi002R
  • Sony DA-45HR High Res DAT Recorder
  • Tascam CDRW5000 CD Recorder
  • Tascam 302 Dual Cassette deck
  • Alesis RA100 Reference Amplifier
  • CD Label Printer
  • Camera controls for Camp Concert Hall video feed
  • Two 96-point TT Neutrik Patch Bays
  • 2 DBX 586 Tube Preamps
  • Effects units, including 2 Lexicon Alexes and 1 Alesis Quadraverb Q3
  • Grace 8-channel preamp w/remote control
  • Two Yamaha O2R 16 channel digital mixers
  • Genelec 1030A studio monitors

Eight audio lines connect the Music Technology Lab to the Project Studio. The studio also serves as the control room for the recording of concerts in Camp Concert Hall. A total of 42 audio channels run between the concert hall and this room, making it an ideal location for larger recording projects.

Lab Hours

Students currently or previously enrolled in music technology or music theory classes, and current Music majors/minors may use their OneCard to swipe into the lab between 6 am and midnight. The lab is still available after midnight, but students will need to be let in to the lab by a student already inside. Contact Becky Brown with questions.