Upcoming Courses

Spring 2023

Music Courses

MUS 107 Fundamentals of Music

MUS 110 Tonal Harmony: Common Practice Period

MUS 116 The Music Scene

MUS 123 Meaning and Music

MUS 125 Indonesian Theater & Music

MUS 130 Class Guitar

MUS 131 Class Piano

MUS 132 Class Voice

MUS 138 Special Topic: Analysis of Video Game Music

MUS 207 Musical Theatre and Opera Scene Workshop

MUS 211 Tonal Harmony: Chromaticism

MUS 221 Music in Film

MUS 225 The Music Industry: History, Technology, and Promotion

MUS 228 Historical Musicology

MUS 230 Class Guitar II

MUS 232 intermediate Class Piano

MUS 235 I Want My MTV: Music Video and the Transformation of the Music Industry

MUS 306 Introduction to Composition

MUS 345 Philanthropy in the Arts

MUS 350 Student Recital

MUS 388 Internship

MUS 395 Independent Study

MUS 401 Senior Thesis/Project

MUS 598U Special Topic: Music in 21st Century America


MSEN 100 Music Performance Laboratory

MSEN 190 Women’s Chorale

MSEN 191 University Orchestra

MSEN 192 Jazz Ensemble

MSEN 193 University Band

MSEN 195 Swing Combo

MSEN 195 Brazilian Combo

MSEN 195 Bluegrass and American Roots Combo

MSEN 196 Schola Cantorum

MSEN 201 Chamber Music Ensemble

MSEN 202 Guitar Ensemble

MSEN 203 Global Music Ensemble: African Drumming Taiko Drumming

MSEN 203 Global Music Ensemble: Taiko Drumming

MSEN 203 Global Music Ensemble: Gamelan

Private Lessons

Private lessions are available on most instruments and voice for approved students. Please see the MSAP listing in Bannerweb for a complete list. Students wanting to take private lessons must submit the Private Lesson Request form.