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Careers in Music

Interested in a career in music? There are a lot of avenues to pursue and we encourage you to explore your options with career services. Make an appointment with a career advisor to explore the music industry and see what areas fit your interests and skills!


If performance is your forte there are many ways to pursue a full-time or part-time career in musical performance. Consider some of the following career options: band member, accompanist, orchestral musician, studio musician, teacher/professor, ensemble leaders, cruise ship musician, freelance musician, session musician or touring musician.

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Music production generally includes positions related to writing, engineering and of course, producing music/film/tv. Check out these possible career avenues: Audio engineer, ADR Recordist, Copyist, Concert Tech, Field/Studio Recordist, Live Sound Engineer, Mixing Engineer, Music Editor or Studio Tech.

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Music Industry/Music Business

There are many roles with a business focus within the music industry from accountants to account managers. Some possible career options in music business include: Artist Relations Managers, Business Managers (personal or label/company), Company Managers, Artistic Directors, Marketing/Communications, Promoters, Operations Coordinators (tour/festival/event), Entertainment law, Contractors or Agents.

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