Careers in Music

Interested in a career in music? There are a lot of avenues to pursue and we encourage you to explore your options with career services. Make an appointment with a career advisor to explore the music industry and see what areas fit your interests and skills!

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  • Assessing an audience - concentration and listening skills
  • Considering historical perspectives
  • Working toward long-range goals
  • Taking multiple approaches to problems
  • Understanding group dynamics
  • Stage poise
  • Comparing interpretations
  • Developing fine aural discrimination skills
  • Lifelong appreciation of music


International Resources

Interested in studying, interning, volunteering or working abroad? Before you begin, focus your search by targeting specific industries, job functions, graduate schools and countries.


If performance is your forte there are many ways to pursue a full-time or part-time career in musical performance. Consider some of the following career options: band member, accompanist, orchestral musician, studio musician, teacher/professor, ensemble leaders, cruise ship musician, freelance musician, session musician or touring musician.

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Music production generally includes positions related to writing, engineering and of course, producing music/film/tv. Check out these possible career avenues: Audio engineer, ADR Recordist, Copyist, Concert Tech, Field/Studio Recordist, Live Sound Engineer, Mixing Engineer, Music Editor or Studio Tech.

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Music Industry/Music Business

There are many roles with a business focus within the music industry from accountants to account managers. Some possible career options in music business include: Artist Relations Managers, Business Managers (personal or label/company), Company Managers, Artistic Directors, Marketing/Communications, Promoters, Operations Coordinators (tour/festival/event), Entertainment law, Contractors or Agents.

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