Student Recitals

Students desiring to perform a recital must be registered for lessons in that instrument or voice the semester of the recital. The recital date must be coordinated with the applied music instructor and music office early in the fall semester, even if the recital will not be until the spring semester. The date must be agreeable with other performers who are to be involved. Juniors typically share a recital, with each performer offering half the recital program.

The student is required to e-mail all recital information to the applied instructor and Dr. Joanne Kong for approval at least four (4) weeks prior to the recital date. This is to insure adequate time for preparation and printing of the recital program. If this information has not been received by 14 days prior to the recital date, full responsibility for creation and printing of the program, and cost, will fall to the recital student. This will be strictly enforced.

Recital program information includes:

  • Listing of works in the correct order, with full titles/movements, composers and dates (e.g. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, 1756-1791), and placement of intermission, if any.
  • Full name and instrument of supporting performers, placed with appropriate work(s).
  • Program notes: A short paragraph for each work is suitable. Remember to give proper reference credit.
  • Vocalists must provide full texts with translations.
  • A "credits" paragraph is often included, thanking instructors, parents, etc.

Check with the music office (Booker 120; 804-289-8277) or Dr. Joanne Kong for samples of past programs.

Recital Permission
The student's applied instructor may or may not require a "recital permission" performance prior to the actual recital. If so, the student is responsible for arranging a time when the instructor and at least two (2) full-time faculty are available to attend this performance in Perkinson Recital Hall or the Chapel. Recital permissions for pianists must be scheduled six (6) weeks prior to the recital. Recital permissions for vocalists and instrumentalists must occur at least three (3) weeks before the recital date. If the instructor requires memorization of music for the recital, this music must be memorized for the recital permission. Students should bring three (3) copies of the list of recital repertoire, complete information for the works, with composers and their dates, to the recital permission. Expect to perform the entire recital repertoire, though it is likely that only selected portions will be required.

Recital Credit
Students have the option of receiving academic credit for recital work by enrolling in MUS 350 Student Recital.