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Dr. Andy McGraw

Associate Professor of Music
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    Andy McGraw received his Ph.D. in ethnomusicology from Wesleyan University in 2005. Dr. McGraw has published extensively on Southeast Asian music, music and ethics, and rhythmic analysis. He has written two monographs for Oxford University Press and has co-edited monographs on Cornell University Press and Smithsonian. He is an active performer and directs a gamelan orchestra for the Richmond community.

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    • Awards

      2021 NEH Digital Humanities Advancement Grant

      2020 Fulbright Grant to Indonesia

      2019 Smithsonian Institution Arts Presenting Grant

      2010 Cornell Society for the Humanities Fellowship

      2010 Society for Ethnomusicology Stevenson Award

      2010 MidAtlantic Arts Council Grant

      2006  APPEX/State Department Fellowship

      2004 ArtsInternational Grant

      2003 US Department of Education Fulbright-Hays

    • Presentations

      2021   “The AudibleRVA Project: Archiving Online Music Event Data,” American Musicological Society Conference, November. 

      2021  “The AudibleRVA Project: Archiving Online Music Event Data,” Society for Ethnomusicology Conference, October.

      2021 “Feeling Time in Indonesian Langgam Jawa,” AAWM conference. June.

      2021 “Policing Noise at the Intersection of Race and Politics in Central Virginia,” Society for American Music Conference. June.

      2021  “Experimental Music in Indonesia,” invited class lecture, The New School. April.

      2021  “Analyzing Noise Complaints with ArcGIS,” invited class lecture, Cincinnati Conservatory of Music. March.

      2020  “Cross-Cultural Collaborations between Virginia and Indonesia,” invited lecture, Ballard School of the Arts, UCONN. December.

      2020  “Music in the Richmond City Jail,” invited class lecture, Georgetown. October.

      2020  “Analyzing microtiming in Balinese Music,” invited lecture, Nusantara Arts / Indonesian Embassy. September.

      2020  “Affective Acoustemologies in Richmond Virginia,” Sounding the Relational City Conference, NYU.

      2020  “Archiving for Change: Music from the Richmond City Jail,” Invited Talk. MLA, Norfolk.

      2020  “Sonic Segregation in Richmond Virginia,” Partners in the Arts Symposium, Richmond.

      2019   “Archiving for Change: The Richmond City Jail Music Program,” Invited Class Presentation, University of Pittsburgh Graduate Seminar in Prison Music.

      2019  “Mapping Sound and Noise in Richmond,” Invited Class Presentation, Virginia Commonwealth University Graduate Seminar in Sound Studies.

      2019  “Three-dimensional Micro-timing Analysis,” Invited Class Presentation, U.C. Berkeley Graduate Seminar in World Music Analysis.

      2019  “Sonic Stop and Frisk in Richmond Virginia,” SEM. Bloomington.

      2019  “Sonic and Affective Geographies in Richmond Virginia.” Cardiff University Music Mapping Conference. June 2019. 

      2019  Ethical Atmospheres of Music. Invited Lecture. Max Planck Institute for the Study of Religious and Ethnic Diversity in Göttingen, February.

      2018  Empirical Analysis of Microtiming in Keroncong Cello-Drumming. AAWM 2018  Thessaloniki, Greece.

      2018  PASEA 2018 Saba, Malaysia. Invited Lecture ITB, Bandung, Indonesia. 

      2018  Music as Ethical Practice: Behaviorism and Virtue at the Twin Oaks Intentional Community. Society for American Music. Kansas City. November.

      2017  Music as Ethical Practice in an American Commune. ICTM. Limerick. July.  

      2017  Musical as Ethical Practice in an American Jail. Royal Musical Association Music and Philosophy Study Group, London. July.

      2017  Ethical Friction: Ethnomusicological Perspectives on Music in the Richmond City Jail. SAM. Montreal. March 2017.

      2016  Timbre and Microtiming in Afro-Cuban Rumba. With Fernando Benadon. AAWM. NYC. June.

      2015  Utopian Musical Atmospheres in Three Alternative Communities, SUS Pittsburgh, November. 

      2015  Music in Capitalism’s Aporias. AAA Boulder, November.

      2015  Atmospheres of Surveillance in the Richmond City Jail. INTC/SEM Limerick, September. 

      2014  Byar Sebagai Tanda Identitas Daerah.  Keynote, ISI Bali, June.

      2014  Sounding Neoliberalism in the Richmond City Jail. SEM. Pittsburgh. November.

      2014  Byar Sebagai Tanda Identitas Daerah. Symposium on Gong Kebyar, ISI Bali. November.

      2014  Sounding Utopia in the Richmond City Jail. SUS Montreal, October 2014.

      2014  Three-Dimensional Representation and Printing of Music. Convergence, UCSD. May 2014.

      2013 The Representing Robot: Posthumanism and Exotification in the Gamelatron. SEM Indianapolis. November.

      2013  Three Dimensional Comparison of Temporality in Javanese and Balinese Traditional Music. Performing Indonesia Conference, Smithsonian Institute. November.

      2013  Three Dimensional Representations of Musical Time. ICTM. Shanghai, July.

      2012  Heritage Abroad: the Robotic Gamelan. Annual Meeting of the American Anthropological Association. San Francisco. November.

      2012  Microcoordination in Balinese Gamelan, A Preliminary Analysis. Society for Music Theory Annual Conference. New Orleans. November.

      2012  New Sonic Objects. Invited lecture for music theory colloquium, University of Florida, Tallahassee. October.

      2012  How the Gamelan Lost its Body: Posthumanism, Reflexivity and the Robotic Gamelan. KITLV-IIAS Conference. UNUD, Bali, Indonesia. July 2012.

      2011  ‘We are always your object’ the Ethic of Interculturalism in Odalan Bali. Association for Asian Scholars Annual Conference. Hawaii.

      2010  Quasi-collaboration and the Poetics of Pedophilia in A House in Bali. Global Aesthetics Conference. Cornell Society for the Humanities. October.

      2010  Ideologies of Intonation in Bali, Indonesia. AAWM. University of Massachusetts, Amherst. February.

  • Publications

    In Press   Sounding Out the State of Indonesian Music. Co-edited with Christopher Miller. Cornell University Press (SEAP).

    In Press   Music as Ethics: Stories from Virginia.Oxford University Press: American Musicways Series.

    2016  Performing Indonesia. Co-edited with Sumarsam. Smithsonian Online Publications.

    2013  Radical Traditions: Reimagining Culture in Balinese New Music. New York: Oxford University Press.

    Journal Articles

    2022  “Feeling Time in Javanese Langgam Jawa,” Asian Music.

    2020  “Feeling the Feels: Spinozist Ethics and Musical Feeling in an American Jail.”Theory and Critique.

    2018  “Near Unisons in Afro-Cuban Drumming” (with Fernando Benadon and Michael Robinson). Music and Science 1(1).

    2016  “The Byar: An Empirical and Ethnographic Study of a Balinese Musical Moment.” (with Christine Kohnen). Analytical Approaches to World Music 5(1).  

    2015  “Atmosphere as a Concept for Ethnomusicology.” Ethnomusicology 60(1).

    2013  “Preliminary Remarks on the Helical Representation of Musical Time.” Analytical Approaches to World Music 3(1).

    2012  “The Ambivalent Freedoms of Indonesian Jazz.” Jazz Perspectives 6(3). (18,000 word).

    Book Chapters

    In Press   “Music as Ethics in an American Intentional Community,” Routledge Volume on Music and Ethics, Beverley Diamond, Jonathan Stock, eds.

    In Press  “Representing and Experiencing Rhythm in Drumming from Santiago de Cuba,” In AAWM Edited Volume. Routledge. With Fernando Benadon.

    In Press  “Sonic and Affective Geographies in Richmond Virginia.” In Contested Frequencies. Edited by Joanna Love and Jessie Fillerup.  

    2021  “Music Theory’s Tone Deafness,” Oxford Handbook of Public Music Theory, Danny Jenkins, ed.

    2020  “The Moral Economy of Music in Tenganan Village, Bali,” In the Oxford Handbook to Economic Ethnomusicology.

    2020  “Musical Atmospheres and Process Philosophy,” In Music and Atmosphere, edited by Friendlind Reidel. Routledge.

    2019  “The Gong as a Symbol of State Power in Indonesia.” In Sounds of Hierarchy and Power in Southeast Asia, NIAS Press.

    2018  “Ethical Soundscapes in the Richmond City Jail.” In Invisible Places: Sound, Urbanism and Sense of Place. Lisbon: Acultura.

    2018  “Ethical Friction: Ethnomusicological Perspectives on Music in the Richmond City Jail.” Oxford University Press Handbook on Applied Ethnomusicology.

    2016  “Radio Java.” In Sublime Frequencies. Edited by Michael Veal. Wesleyan University Press.

    2015  “Musical Sanctuary in the Richmond City Jail.” In Tacet: Sound in the Arts. Edited by Matthieu Saladin. Published by Haute École des Arts.

    2013  Several entries (15-600 words each) on Indonesian musical instruments for the new edition of the Grove Dictionary of Musical Instruments (Oxford University Press).

    2013  “The Ethical Aesthetics of I Wayan Sadra.” In Performing Arts in Postmodern Bali: Changing Interpretations, Founding Traditions. Edited by Kendra Stepputat. Aachen, Germany: Shaker Verlag.

    2013  “The Geopolitics of Intercultural Experimentalism.” In What is Experimental Music. Edited by Benjamin Piekut. Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press.

    2011 “The Balinese Avant-Garde: Transnational Networks, Mobile Identities.” In Southeast Asian Performance, Transnational Perspectives. Edited by Matthew Isaac-Cohen and Laura Noszlopy. London: Cambridge Scholars Publishing.


    Invited blogpost for Oxford University Press. http://blog.oup.com/2013/11/gamelan-indonesian-music-america/

    Audio Recordings

    Gamelan Cage. Full length CD of original arrangements of early John Cage prepared piano works for hybrid and found gamelan. Produced in collaboration with Madé Subandi and the Ceraken ensemble. Sargasso (UK), with extensive liner notes (5,250 word).  

    Kolaborasi. 2008. Porter Records. 

    Sudamala. Double CD of traditional and experimental Balinese music performed by Gamelan Dharma Swara. Turis Records. Featuring my 13 minute original gamelan orchestra work Sikut Sanga.


    2016  “Bali 1928.” Commissioned review essay for Asian Music. 6,000 words, with contributions by Gusti Sudarta.

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